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Jonathan Little Secrets

Watch as 2-Time World Poker Tour® Champion Jonathan Little wins over $1,700 in just over 6 hours.

This video training series contains the recordings from a 6+ hour poker session where Jonathan played a bunch of $11 180-man sit-n-gos, as well as some heads up matches.

While Jonathan is playing, he breaks down the action and explains in complete detail exactly what he's doing.

Here's What You Get:

  • Video #1: The Fundamentals - Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes
  • Video #2: Middle and Late Stages - Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes
  • Video #3: Final Table Strategies - Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes
  • Video #4: Video #4: Aggression - Running Time: Approx. 46 Minutes
  • Video #5: Psychology - Running Time: Approx. 51 Minutes
  • Video #6: Heads Up Domination - Running Time: Approx. 38 Minutes
  • Video #7: Aggression in Heads Up Play - Running Time: Approx. 34 Minutes
  • Video #8: Changing Gears - Running Time: Approx. 44 Minutes
  • Video #9: Playing the Short Stack - Running Time: Approx. 41 Minutes

  • BONUS #1: MP3 Audios
    You'll receive the MP3 audios for the ENTIRE training course! Total Running Time: 6 Hours 22 Minutes
  • BONUS #2: Q&A Calls
    You'll also receive the audio recordings of 2 Question and Answer calls I did where I answered my students' toughest poker questions. Total Running Time: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
  • BONUS #3: Multi-Tabling Sit-N-Go Video
    Watch as I play 9 $16 single-table sit-n-gos in a single session and teach you the ins and outs of sit-n-go strategy. Total Running Time: 42 Minutes
  • BONUS #4: $50 Sit-N-Go Video
    Watch as I play a $50 single-table sit-n-go. In this video, I go more in depth into the strategy you need to use to become a winning sit-n-go player. Total Running Time: 38 Minutes

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