October 2016 Newsletter

Assassinato Big Blind Call and Check Raise Strategy In a recent Webinar, Alex (Assassinato) Fitzgerald and I discussed strategies for properly defending your blinds. Watch the Blind Defense Webinar Quick summary:  You should call from the Big Blind against minimum raises from loose players with a very wide range, and then on most … Continue reading →

FloatTheTurn Poker Forum

by Albert Hart: We have just launched our new FloatTheTurn Poker Forum. This is a great place to ask questions about poker, answer other peoples questions, and share ideas with Poker Enthusiasts. This forum is open to everyone, not just FloatTheTurn members. Try them out. FloatTheTurn Poker Forum – Questions and Comments about Poker Push/Fold iPhone … Continue reading →

Push/Shove App

by Albert Hart: FloatTheTurn has has created a new Push/Fold Chart App for your phone that you can often use during live or online play to help you make better decisions when short stacked. The Push/Fold Charts are designed for No-Limit Hold’em players who want to improve their game. Follow the advice in … Continue reading →