I’m Coach Bill Seymour. My background consist of playing on the professional poker circuit for 20+ years. I have won multiple major tournaments during my playing career, and have many final table appearances. I have been a successful poker coach for the last 13 years and have mentored several hundred players from all over the world. I was also Jonathan Little’s first poker coach, and I’m pleased to be a part of his coaching team.

The course that I offer is not to teach you to play poker. In fact, you probably already play at a competitive level. Instead most often the reason that a player is in search of a coach is because they have reached the defining moment where they feel a bit lost, and can’t find the answer.

My instructional course deals with the reality in poker, and the specific blueprint you must acquire in order to progress to a higher level of thinking.

I offer an online course via Skype, or GoToMeeting. During our first two hour session I will discuss with you the many components that are required to achieve a high level of success. Without a proper foundation, one cannot expect to become accomplished. I’m not talking about basic fundamentals. Instead, I make reference to a complete organization of your potential skills. The tools of the game are right before your eyes, but no books can teach you to see the nuances that are between the lines, and that, simply put, is what I provide.

The cost for the two hour introduction course is $400. Thereafter any follow up is billed at the hourly rate of $200.