My name is John Dayton and I play under the screen name j0hndayt0n.

I started playing like most in college dorm home games and quickly took a liking to the game. Shortly after started playing online, after loosing a few $50 deposits I swore off the game and decided to focus on other life aspirations.

That summer a friend introduced me to Absolute poker and explained how using the weekly redeposit bonuses you didn’t even have to be a winner to profit. That was enough to convince me to put on $400 with a “ok this is it” attitude and I haven’t looked back since.

After that I got into sngs on full tilt breaking even for the beginning of my career but rake back was enough to keep me interested. Once moving to pokerstars I really found my success and was able to obtain supernova elite status in 2008 while also crushing mtts getting 26th on the yearly TLB.

Since then things have slowed down a bit and my real bread and butter games have shown to be mtt sngs. This is what I will be coaching since its my best game and they are very popular/beatable.

I think I can help pretty much anyone interested in beating and/or getting better in these games. From the starting micro grinder to the mass-multi-tabling reg. struggling to up profits.