Hi everyone, I’m LuckyLuke and I’m a teacher, writer and poker grinder from Oxford, UK. I’m an MTT player staked for mid to high stakes across all the main sites. I offer free consultations for those interested in coaching, so you can have a 20 minute chat with me on Skype about putting together a coaching plan.

I generally play up to $215s weekly online, up to $1ks during online series and mix in the occassional $500 weekly. I play up to $2k live and sometimes satellite into something higher.

Here are my lifetime statistics for all sites which I play, for all the stakes I coach for. Above this level, I play higher but am swonging around merrily and do not attempt to coach for $160s+ at this time.

My game has gone from strength to strength, and while I have had a series of close calls in the high stakes (such as 5th in the Sunday Warm Up a few weeks ago), I post consistent profit in the stakes I coach for. Please see statistics below.

Some of my bigger finishes are posted below:

  • 1st in Hotter $75
  • 6th and 4th in Bigger $162
  • 5th and 13th in Sunday Warm Up
  • 5th in Party Powerfest $1k Super High Roller
  • Multiple FTs in Party $500 HR
  • FT in Sunday Kickoff


My background is in teaching, and I’ve taught everything from philosophy and mathematical reasoning to communication studies and psychology. I’m also a professional coach and administrator for a successful poker stable.

I can help you eliminate leaks from your MTT game and quickly improve your ROI and overall ability in MTTs. Alongside other learning activities we’ll go over detailed hand history reviews, focusing on all stages of the game and best strategy for different stack depths. We’ll look at themed studies such as ICM, 3betting ranges, barrelling frequencies, range vs. range play postflop and more.

I regard coaching sessions as essentially interactive, a conversation shaped to the students’ needs and current challenges. In our first session we’ll diagnose where your game is at, and the key steps needed to take things to the next level.

I run group coaching sessions from time to time which are a lower rate per hour than 1-to-1, so please feel free to ask me about that, you can email me at luckylukecoaching@gmail.com or check my own coaching website here: http://www.binkbig.com

I also offer coaching pack discounts, running packs of 5hrs for $425 and packs of 10hrs for $750. Please email to enquire about these, most students take one hour initially and then a pack. I have many students who work with me in an ongoing capacity and have improved a great deal, please ask me for testimonials.

Good luck out there!