This is OnetimeJoker, pokercoach on FloatTheTurn and I am a SNG/MTT player. I have been playing poker for about 4 years and a bit and it’s been 2 years since I quit my job.

Over the last 2 years I have been constantly crushing tourneys up to $55 online. My biggest score was the Bigger55 on Pokerstars beating a 5.4k field size for 42k. Before getting into MTTs I was crushing 180mans SNGs and I have played over 30k games mtts and sngs. Over the last 4 years I have been coached by Jonathan Little and Protential and now my game is strong.

I am also a coach on FloatTheTurn and I have been coaching people and making videos for the site.

Coaching: Hand history reviews where you will learn:

– Strategy (short, mid, deep stack play, ICM, Turbos, Regulars and Slow)

– Hand reading (ranges preflop and postflop)

– High level thinking (decision making to optimise your value and reduce the loses)

– Psychological aspects of the game (dealing with pressure/ getting over tilt/ dealing with mistakes)

– Adjustments and changing gears correctly at the table

I am also doing webinars each month for members and I invite you all to attend and interact with me and ask me any question you want.

My coaching rate is $75/hr

For $50 you get a 30-minute video of the hand history you want me to review where I will go over the key spots that will improve your game.

Hire OnetimeJoker

Rate: $75/Hr

OnetimeJoker is available for 1-on-1 coaching. He specializes in low stakes sngs and mtts.

OnetimeJoker will coach you LIVE via Skype or review hand histories with you live.

OnetimeJoker will teach you the fundamentals you need to become a profitable sng and mtt player.

Hand History Reviews From OnetimeJoker

Price: $50 Each

Send in your hand history for OnetimeJoker to review in a 30-minute video.

He will analyze all of your big decisions. He’ll tell you what you’re doing wrong, and what you SHOULD be doing.

Plug your leaks TODAY with a hand history review from OnetimeJoker.