FloatTheTurn’s Monthly Coaching Webinars

Do you wish you could ask your poker questions and get a good, quick, answer?

How to play a poker hand: Sometimes do you wish there was someone you could ask about a hand you played, and get a meaningful response – not just some quick comments on a forum?

Other Poker questions: Sometimes do you have a question you would like to ask and have a top pro or coach give you an answer?

With FloatTheTurn Coaching Webinars, for a very low price – just $10.00 per month you post your hands or questions and get an immediate response.

Each month, FloatTheTurn will host two or three live group coaching webinars for members where you can post your questions and get responses from our Coaches.

These webinars will be hosted by Jonathan Little, Lucky Luke orĀ Alexander Fitzgerald.

LIVE Access to Our Coaches EVERY Month!
Jonathan Little Lucky Luke Alexander Fitzgerald

Ask your questions live: These webinars provide members with the opportunity to ask their questions LIVE and in real time.

Watch Again – or view Webinars you missed: These webinars will be recorded and the videos will be made available to members in the “Videos” section of the site.


FloatTheTurn Webinars and Videos.

These Webinars and Videos are available to FloatTheTurn Members every month.

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  • Upcoming Webinars
    Friday the 24th of November 2017 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT
    Lucky Luke will review hand histories provided by FloatTheTurn Members, discuss other topics and review some hands of his own as time permits.

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