Our new Push/Fold Quiz will really help you learn how to make GTO (Game Theory Optimal) Push/Fold decisions when short stacked.

It us included in our Push/Fold App or you can run it directly from a browser.

Our new Push/Fold App can be downloaded for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Or you can run the browser version from this page: Push/Fold Quiz

The Quiz selects hands from our Push/Fold Charts lets decide whether to push or fold, and scores your results.

You can take the default quiz, or adjust the settings for specific situations – such as a 10 Big Blind stack from UTG (Under the Gun), or any other range or parameters you want to use.


Check out our You Tube VIdeo to see how to use it.


To start, click Quiz Me.

You will be presented with a hand,position, and number of big blinds.


Click Push or Fold to see your results










Then click Show Range to see the full range chart for this hand, or Next Hand to proceed to the next hand fort the quiz.