The FloatTheTurn Range Analyzer is a quick way to create images for Forums or publications to define ranges.

Through the use of colors, you can easily define different ranges  – for instance you can define ranges for calling, raising, bluffing and folding and display everything is a single graphic image.

As you assign range events to hands, the count of hands in each range event is automatically calculated and displayed beneath the hand grid.

You can also assign specific suits to a hand.

Check out the instructions below, and leave any questions or comments on our Forum


Filling Cells

You can quickly fill cells with colors by:

  1. Selecting the desired color checkbox
  2. Clicking a cell to set it (or clear it if already set)
  3. Pressing and dragging the cursor to set multiple cells
  4. Using per-defined ranges such as “All Broadway Cards” or “All Pairs”

Copy Icons

  • These will copy to range for each color to the clipboard so you can paste them Equilabs, documents, etc.
  • For example, the blue range above copies this to the clipboard:A8s-A7s, A9o, K9s, Q9s, J9s, T8s, T9o, 97s, 98o, 87o, 76s, 65s, 54s

Number Hands

  • For the unfilled cells, this shows the percentage of total hands (less dead hands), number of hands, and total hands
  • For colored cells, it shows percentage of total hands, number of hands, total colored hands and the percentage of all colored hands.

Dead Cards

  • Enter cards in your hand, cards on the flop, etc.
  • Click somewhere else, or tap enter to recount hands with the dead cards removed


  • Type anything else here you want for people viewing the image.

Options and Settings


Email/Password – used by registered authors to save ranges and get special formatting

Color Mode – Standard Charts Colors, Red Book Colors, or black and white.

  • The Chart Colors were selected to make it easy to see them when the range image is posted online.
  • Red book colors are useful for a limited color book – red, black and white.
  • Colors with patterns and black and white are designed for publications where the colors may not be different enough when printed in black and white.

Number of Colors – 3 to 8

  • Select just the number of colors you want to use.

Hand/Image Number
– used to help name the saved images

Bump – increases the Hand/Image number by one.

Fill Mode – the buttons below which fill ranges.

Fill All Cells – if checked, then all cell in the range will be filled

Fill unfilled cells only –  if checked, then cells already filled will not be filled again.

You can then add or remove cells as desired

Fill all Pairs – Fill all pairs with the current color

Fill Broadway – Fill all Broadway Cards with the current color

Fill from Standard Ranges – lets you prefill cells for typical ranges – such as Loose player from the Cutoff

Fill from other Range – Enter or paste a range to fill the hands from that range.

Create Image for Download – The download image can be saved to disk and loaded into forums, Word documents, etc.

You can also grab the image directly from the screen with Prt Scr.

Download Image – download the image after creating it.

Reload Page – reloads the range in case there is a display problem

Save and Load into Forum

Copy and Paste seems like it might work, but it doesn’t. You need to save the image to the disk and then load it into the Forum.

You can Click ‘Create Image for Download‘, then click ‘Download Image‘ to save it to your downloads folder.

Click image for larger version Name: dowload image.jpg Views: 1 Size: 6.5 KB ID: 918

Then you should use the insert ‘Image‘ icon at the top of the edit window to insert an image directly into the post.

Click image for larger version Name: insert image.jpg Views: 1 Size: 12.1 KB ID: 919

If the Image icon, on the left, is not there, click the ‘A’ to toggle to the full toolbar.

You want to insert the image, rather than using ‘Upload Attachments’ – below the edit window, in order to make the full size image visible in your post.

Save and Reload Range Data

You can save all the values and settings for a range to your own computer, and then reload it later.

Saving Values

T1. The range values are saved to a file Range_xxx.csv in your downloads folder, where xxx is the Hand/Image Number you have assigned. (Bump will add one to the previous number, to make it easy to assign new numbers)

2. Click ‘Save values to CSV file’ to save the values.

3. You will want to locate the folder where the file is saved.

I Chrome, for example, you can right click on the downloaded file, and select ‘Show in Folder’ to discover where it was saved.

Reloading Values

First, select the .csv file you saved using ‘Choose File’

Then click ‘Upload Saved Ranges’ to load the values.


Send any bugs, or ideas for improvement to: