My Complete Strategy for Beating Live Poker Tournaments

From Jonathan Little
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021

There are many aspects of live tournament poker that you MUST pay attention to if you want to beat them...

I discussed what I think are the 6 major aspects of live tournament poker in depth on a live webinar back in 2013 called, "My Complete Strategy for Beating Live Poker Tournaments."

Why do I say it's my Complete strategy?

Because in addition to covering the technical aspects of live poker tournaments (as you would expect), I covered much, much more!

"What Topics Did You Cover?"

Here are the 6 topics I covered during this 2-hour and 44-minute training:

  1. How to Prepare BEFORE You Play a Live Tournament
    I went over my checklist of activities I do to prepare both mentally AND technically BEFORE I play live poker tournaments.
  2. How to Play Various Stages of a Tournament
    I discussed how to play various stages of a tournament, including The Bubble, Short Handed, and Heads Up.
  3. What to Do at the Table
    I covered the 6 things I do at the table to maximize my advantage over my opponents.
  4. How to Play if Your Table is Tight and Passive
    I discused the 4 things I do when my table is tight and passive, and go over some live hand examples.
  5. How to Play if Your Table is Loose and Aggressive
    I went over the 4 things I do when my table is loose and aggressive, and also go over some live hand examples.
  6. How to Play if Your Table is a Mix of Player Types
    You will rarely be at a table that is full of either tight or loose players. I discussed how I go about developing a custom game plan for every table I play at. I also showed an example hand from a recent live tournament I played.

"What Recordings Will I Get?"

You will get access to the video and mp3 recordings of the entire 2-hour training.

You'll be able to download the videos and mp3s so you can watch or listen to the entire training over and over until you fully absorb all the concepts.

You can even watch or listen to this training on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

But more importantly, you'll learn my complete strategy for beating live poker tournaments.

Bonus Videos & MP3s

Product Description Value
WSOP Coaching Webinar I taught a small group of students who were preparing for the WSOP.

As part of that coaching program, I hosted a series of webinars. You'll be getting the first of these webinars for FREE.

In this webinar, I answered a ton of questions that my WSOP coaching students sent in.

Here are just some of the questions I answered:

  • When you discuss during deep stack play, "take lots of flops in position against weak players" and you further say "you want to take this concept to the extreme against weak players in the main event". Please expand on what you mean by "taking this concept to the extreme."
  • Many of the players have been adjusting to my aggressive play by limping monsters early in MTTs. What adjustments should I be making?
  • What do you do when your stack gets somewhat awkward - like 25-35bbs? I was in the Venetian Deep Stack and it was at a point in the event where most of the stacks (including mine) were in this range and I picked up 33 UTG. I did not know how to proceed - I did NOT want to limp, but I was afraid if I raised, I would get 3bet and then where would I be? The table was a mix of weak and medium players - no super stars. So what are your thoughts on the proper way to play this? What is a good UTG opening range with stacks of this size?

I also called on some of my students and answered their questions live on the webinar.

The original students who participated in this training paid $697 to enroll, and you're getting their first webinar as a bonus!

Video length: Approx. 1 hour 25 minutes.

"How Much Is It?"

Normally, I charge $300 for 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching.

But, because this is a class where I taught multiple students, I'm able to give you a ton of value for a great price.

You can get the recordings from this training program AND the bonus videos and mp3s for only:


Try It 100% Risk-Free

Take up to 60 days to watch all the videos...

If you're not completely satisfied within the next 60 days for any reason, let me know by sending an email to support [at] within 60 days and I'll give you a FULL refund.

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