Advanced Poker Training:
"The True Value of Top Pair"

From Jonathan Little
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021

I recently taught a live 2-hour class called, "The True Value of Top Pair."

Whether you're playing cash games or in tournaments, flopping top pair is one of the most common situtions you will find yourself getting involved in.

Because of that, playing medium strength hands like top pair optimally is what separates the winners from the losers.

Playing top pair optimally means getting maximum value when you are ahead and losing the minimum when you are behind.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn how to do both.

"What Topics Did You Cover?"

Here are the topics I covered during this LIVE 2-hour training:

  1. When to Value Bet Top Pair in Position
    I went over the 6 situations when you should value bet top pair in position.
  2. When to Pot Control in Position
    I discussed the 5 times when you should pot control in position.
  3. When to Value Bet Out of Position
    I discussed the 3 times when you should value bet out of position
  4. When to Pot Control Out of Position
    I discussed the 4 times when you should pot control out of position.

"What Recordings Will I Get?"

You will get access to the video and mp3 recordings of the entire 2-hour training.

You'll be able to download the videos and mp3s so you can watch or listen to the entire training over and over until you fully absorb all the concepts.

You can even watch or listen to this training on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

But more importantly, you'll learn the true value of top pair.

Bonus Videos & MP3s

Product Description Value
Advanced Cash Game Class Earlier this year, I went on a poker cruise and taught an advanced cash game class.

The class ran for 1 hour and 22 minutes.

Here are the topics I covered in this class:

  • How Cash Games Differ from Tournaments I discussed the main thing you should do differently in cash games.
  • Optimal Bet Sizing I discuss the 5 factors your bets should be determined by.
  • The Purpose of Bets I discuss the 3 reasons why you SHOULD bet and the 1 reason why you should NOT bet, and why.
  • Effective Stack Size I discuss what you should do as stacks get larger, and what you should do as stacks get shorter.
  • Reraise Sizing I discuss how much, in general, you should reraise preflop, and how much you should reraise out of position, and why.
  • Postflop Bet Sizing I discuss how to vary your postflop bets.
  • Betting for Protection I go over a hand example of when and why you should bet for protection.
  • Stack Size Hand Examples I go over a couple of different hands where I show you how much to bet on each street to get your whole stack in by the river.
  • Betting as a Bluff I discuss when and how you should bet as a bluff.
  • General Strategy I discuss some general cash game strategy.

This is my first pure cash game class.

Video length: Approx. 1 hour 22 minutes.

"How Much Is It?"

Normally, I charge $300 for 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching.

But, because this is a class where I taught multiple students, I'm able to give you a ton of value for a great price.

You can get the recordings from this training AND the bonus videos and mp3s for only:


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