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Increasing Aggression

I recently taught a live 3-hour webinar where I revealed how to increase your aggression in order to maximize your profits at the poker table.

I also went over multiple hand examples to illustrate various situations where you should increase your aggression.

Here are the topics I covered on this 3-hour webinar:
  • Why increase aggression?
  • Bankroll management implications
  • Open raise with more hands
  • Typical button raising range
  • Attack limpers
  • Squeeze when it makes sense
  • Open pushing when short stacked
  • Open pushing vs. other plays
  • Reraise preflop with a wider range
  • Recognize when you are being reraised wide and 4-bet
  • Bet when checked to
  • Float the flop
  • Playing the turn when checked to
  • Playing the turn when bet into again
  • Raise the flop
  • Check raise the flop
  • Attack scary boards
  • Attack strong ranges when your opponent thinks you are also strong
  • Raise to increase your equity
  • Do not blindly apply aggression

"What Recordings Will I Get?"
You will get access to the video and mp3 recordings of the entire training.

You'll be able to download the videos and mp3s so you can watch or listen to the entire training over and over until you fully absorb all the concepts.

You can even watch or listen to this training on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device!

But more importantly, you will learn how to increase your aggression and maximize your profits.

"Why Should I Learn From You?"
I have been playing poker professionaly for 9 years, and coaching poker players for 7 years.

I am a 2-Time World Poker Tour Champion and was named WPT Player of the Year for Season VI.

I have over $5,000,000 in live tournament earnings and over $1,000,000 in online tournament earnings.

I am also the author of 3 books—Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volumes 1-3.

Bonus Video & MP3
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Product Description Value
3 Bet Review Video & MP3 In this video, I review hands where I 3bet. You'll also get an MP3 of this recording.

Video Length: Approx. 24 minutes

This video was released on my training site,

"How Much Is It?"
Normally, I charge $300 for 1 hour of 1-on-1 coaching.

But, because this was a class where I taught multiple students, I'm able to give you a ton of value for a great price.

You can get the recordings of the entire 3-hour webinar for only:


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Take up to 60 days to watch the videos and see how much your game improves...

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply let me know by sending an email to support [at] within 60 days and I'll give you a FULL refund.

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