We have put together a series of videos for you to watch in order to learn the basics of Poker quickly.We suggest that you watch these in order, for each of the categories which interest you.We will track which videos you have already watched to make this easier for you.

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Poker is a difficult game. If you simply pull up to the table and play in a manner that you think makes logical sense, you are almost certain to make huge errors. In order to succeed at poker, you must master a large amount of skills that may seem irrelevant at first, but are actually vitally important. This learning path will teach you a broad range of skills required to maximize your potential profits.

Various Strategic Concepts

In this first section we include an overview of several basic strategic concepts – such as
Hand Ranges, Check Raising, Raising Flops, Making and Facing Shoves,
Final Table Play, Playing the River, End Game Review, and Value Betting.

This is a good place to start, and then watch the other Videos about more specific situations.

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Small Stakes Tournaments

Small stakes no-limit hold’em tournaments are perhaps the most profitable form of poker, in terms of potential return on investment. Tournaments are where many novice players get their initial experience but that is certainly a mistake because tournaments are an intricate form of poker that is difficult to master. Not only do you have to account for playing with various stack sizes, but you also have to take the payout structure into account. If you fail to make all the proper adjustments to your default strategy, you will leave significant money on the table.

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High Stakes Tournaments

High stakes no-limit hold’em tournaments have the potential to be hugely profitable, assuming you know how to play better than your opponents. While most players in the high stakes games play decently well, they still have huge holes in their game that they are unaware of. If you work hard to plug your leaks, you will be able to beat your opponents out of a significant amount of money in the long run.

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Cash Games

No-limit hold’em cash games are poker at its purest form. There are no payout implications to be concerned with. You are simply trying to win all your opponents’ money. If you learn to play a fundamentally sound strategy and then adjust to take advantage of your opponents’ mistakes, you will be money-making machine.

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Double or Nothing Sit n’ Go’s

Double or Nothing Sit n’ Go’s are a unique form of poker in that half of the players in the field double their money and everyone else gets nothing. This leads to interesting dynamics based on the payouts because winning the entire tournament does not matter at all. As an obvious example, if six players remain in a tournament and five players get paid, if someone goes all-in and someone with a comparable stack calls, you should fold A-A because you are essentially guaranteed to get in the money. By fully understanding the adjustments you should make due to the abnormal structure, you will have a significant edge over your opponents who fail to adjust properly.

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Satellites are tournaments where you either win your way into a larger tournament or lose your buy-in. This abnormal payout structure requires significant adjustments, especially when you get close to getting in the money. When many players win their seats, you should often play incredibly tightly near the bubble. When only one player wins a seat, you should play as if winning is the only thing that matters (because it is!). By properly understanding when to adjust your strategy, you will gain a significant edge against players who fail to adjust. In this learning path, Lucky Luke discusses the necessary adjustments in events where many seats are awarded as well in winner-take-all satellites.

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Poker is not played only on the felt. In fact, many factors that go into developing a strong mindset. If you master these skills, you will see an improvement to both your poker and life.

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