We have provided this Glossary of Poker Terms to help you understand some of the terms we use.

  • Game Theory Optimal
    GTO (Game Theory Optimal) means that if you play this strategy, you will be nearly impossible to exploit. Non-exploitable means that opponents cannot alter their play based on learning from you play. If they know exactly how you are playing, they cannot adjust their play to improve their expected results. Continue reading →
  • Push/Fold App
    A phone or Browser App to show ranges of hands to Push, (Shove), or fold for small stack situations. You can use our Push/Fold App during live or online play to make decisions. Continue reading →
  • Video
    A recording of a Webinar, or a special lesson created by our Coaches, which you can watch later. See: Videos Continue reading →
  • Webinar
    An interactive discussion conducted on the Web. Our Coaches discuss hands, answer questions, discuss some of their own own hands or discuss other topics. See Webinars Continue reading →