Push/Fold App – Use the Push/Fold Calculator or the Push/Fold Quiz directly from your Phone or Tablet


We have created a FREE Push/Fold Chart App for your phone that you can often use during live or online play to help you make better decisions when playing short stacked poker.

Push/Fold Charts: The Push/Fold Charts are designed for No-Limit Hold’em players who want to improve their skills. Follow the advice in the App and you’ll play optimally in all short stack situations.

Live Play: In live play, you can quickly find the chart for the situation you will be in on the next hand and then place it on the rail or your knee during play of the hand. Most live poker rooms allow cell phone use at the table as long as you do not type on the phone during your play of the hand.

Use When Short Stacked: When your stack becomes short, 12 big blinds or fewer, your preflop strategy should be limited to pushing (going all-in) or folding. The FloatTheTurn “Push or Fold” Chart App will teach you when to profitably go all-in, and equally importantly, show you how to avoid situations that are not profitable. The charts instantly tell you whether you should shove or fold based on your position and stack size.

The FloatTheTurn Push/Fold App is completely free. Give it a try!

Push Fold App Instructions

Push/Fold Calculator – quickly fetch and display a push/fold chart based on you position and stack size

Push/Fold Quiz – Test your skills on Push/Fold decisions

Push/Fold Charts – Printable charts for you to study

Table Image – Create a layout image to post on forums or in publications.

Range Analyzer – display action choices for hand ranges.

FloatTheTurn Hand Displayer – Convert Hand Histories into text and images which can be easily inserted into Poker Forums.