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Fill in values and click "Recalc" or "Redraw" to seethe image for yiour values.

Make changes as desired,and redraw as desired.
Then copy and paste the image into the FloatTheTurn Poker Forum or your favorite Forum.

Event and Hand Number are used to store the hand on the server
Event / Book
Hand Number
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Event and Hand Number are used to store the hand on the server
(Unique Hand IDs are only enforced when you click 'Start New Hand')
Event / Book
Hand Number
Small Blind
Big Blind
Community Cards (e.g. Ah,9s,6s)
Image Width 900 1200 1800

Pot calculation
Enter any values you like.
The values will be used to calculate the new pot for the image.
But do not effect other things in the image.
Press 'Recalculate Pot' to recalculate the new pot using your values.
Item Amount New Pot

Default chips if blank
Commas are optional for numbers.
If Status is 'folded', then no cards are shown.
SeatNameChipsChips To
Cards (e.g. Ah,4s)ActionStatus
SB Folded 
BB Folded 
UTG Folded 
UTG+1 Folded 
UTG+2 Folded 
UTG+3 Folded 
LJ Folded 
HJ Folded 
CO Folded 
BTN Folded 

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