Equity Calculator - Advanced Fold Equity Calculation
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B: Opponents Blind or Bet
P: Pot Size before our Shove
S: Effective Shove size
    (smaller of your stack or amount Opponent needs to call)
H = our equity when called (%)
    (percentage of the time you win when called)
X = opponent's folding frequency (%) %
P = amount won if opponent folds
    (current pot)
W = amount won if opponent calls and we win
    (net profit, pot after opponent calls minus your bet
     - Pot plus amount opponent needs to call (P + S - B))
L = amount lost if opponent calls and we lose
    (your bet amount)
V = opponent's equity % when calling
    (100% - your equity when called)
Your Equity
Explanation of the formula:
Expected value = (X% * P) + (100% - X%) * (W * H% - L * V%)

When the opponent folds to your all in bet,
you win the current pot 'P' times the percentage of the time he folds 'X%'.
The amount you win when he folds is (X% * P)

When the opponent calls your bet (100% - X%) of the time), and you win the showdown,
you win 'W' - the current pot plus the amount of his call, (but not your own bet).
The amount you win is W * H%.

When the opponent calls your bet, and you lose the showdown,
you lose just your all-in bet amount, ,'L'
times your opponents equity when he calls 'V%'.
The amount you lose is L * V%