Watch the first 35 minutes of Mike Sexton's 4-hour and 52-minute webinar, Winning My First WPT below!

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  • In this 4-hour and 52-minute webinar, Mike Sexton reviewed ALL THE MAJOR HANDS from his first WPT win in Montreal.
  • Jonathan Little was on the webinar as well and provided his own EXPERT INSIGHTS.
  • You'll get instant access to the FULL VIDEO RECORDING of this webinar.
  • You'll also get the FULL MP3 RECORDING of this webinar so you can listen to it in your car, at the gym, or on the go.
You'll Get Access to These 3 BONUSES When You Order the Recordings of Mike Sexton's Webinar!
These bonuses will be available to you on the webinar access page!
BONUS #1 - The Main Event with Jonathan Little (eBook PDF)
Have you ever wondered what a poker champion is thinking when he is facing a huge bet that puts his tournament life at risk? Jonathan Little, a two-time World Poker Tour Champion with over $6,000,000 in career tournament winnings opens up his playbook for everyone to see.

He will not only show you how he cashed in the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event for $22,678, but he will also teach you why he made every crucial move in 54 detailed hands.

This book is set up in a quiz format, forcing you to reevaluate your default poker strategy and alter it drastically based on your opponents' tendencies. By questioning your decisions, you will be able to progress as a poker player and increase your profits at the table.
BONUS #2 - 10 Poker Articles by Jonathan Little (18-page PDF)
This is a collection of 10 poker articles that Jonathan Little wrote for Ante Up Magazine.

The articles you'll get in this FREE 18-page PDF include:

  1. Have an Aggressive Poker Image at the Tables
  2. Hide the Windows to your Poker Soul
  3. How Jonathan Little Deals with Disappointment
  4. How Much Can a Pro Expect to Win?
  5. How to Deal with Cold Four-Bets at the Poker Table
  6. How to Play Against Uncle Tilty
  7. Tips for Surviving Major Poker Tournaments
  8. Watch Out for Poker Playmakers
  9. You Can't Play Poker Without Money
  10. You Can't Wait Around for Pocket Aces

BONUS #3 - Jonathan Little's 22-Point Table Image Checklist (7-Page PDF)
I have been told that I have a dominating table image while being super nice and friendly away from the table. This is not by accident. I have worked hard to develop a table image that says loud and clear, "I am not the person you want to mess with."

While most of the best players in the world are somewhat intimidating to play with and have various styles (Negreanu acts differently than Ivey at the table) I have found what works for me. In this checklist, I will show you things you can work on both at and away from the table to help you exude this image I have developed.
You'll Get Access to These 3 BONUSES When You Order the Recordings of Mike Sexton's Webinar!
These bonuses will be available to you on the webinar access page!

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